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I have been here

I became a manager very early in my career. At first, I felt very cool, but I quickly realized I had some work to do to step up my game in order to be a good manager. I had to build up my self-confidence to take on my role as a leader and improve my skills in communication, decision-making, strategic thinking, team building, and conflict resolution.

This coaching is the kind of support I wish I had when I first stepped into my first managerial role.

What to Expect from our coaching together:

  • Comprehensive Leadership Assessment: We will kickstart this journey by getting to know your leadership strengths, areas for growth, and your personal aspirations. Think of it as the first building block for our tailored coaching plan.
  • Goal-Oriented Coaching Sessions: During our one-on-one coaching sessions, we’ll set specific goals, create strategies, and tackle any challenges together. It’s a confidential space for you to reflect, grow, and refine your skills.
  • Leadership Skill Development: Our coaching sessions will zoom in on essential leadership qualities like effective communication, smart decision-making, strategic thinking, fostering teamwork, and handling conflicts. By honing these abilities, you’ll become a confident and inspiring leader, setting the stage for your team’s success.

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Schedule a free 20-minute call where we can chat about your story, what you’re looking for, and any questions you have about my coaching services. No need to worry about committing – this call is just a chance for us to see if we’re a good fit. If it turns out I’m not the right match, I have a network of other skilled coaches I can refer you to.


Laura received the Gründerzuschuss and transition to self employment

The business coaching with Elise was fundamental in helping me transition to self employment. She is a great coach and person! She clarified a lot of my doubts and helped me prepare a business and financial plan.

In addition to practical stuff she also helped me handling fears and emotions that characterize a change in career. She is super friendly and easy going, making the atmosphere at the sessions relaxed and comfortable.

Thank you, Elise 🙂


Stefanie has launched her yoga courses for businesses

I wanted to clarify my business plan and design my offering realistically and personalized.

A significant lesson from this coaching was that my fears and inner obstacles will not prevent me from achieving my dream. I have also become more aware of the concrete steps to reach my goals. My project now seems possible to me.

I loved starting the sessions with meditation! During the sessions, I felt heard, and you always knew how to adapt to my needs at each session. I would wholeheartedly recommend coaching to my friends. Coaching is not just a great framework for launching one’s business, but also a wonderful journey towards one’s own empowerment.


Stefanie has created an offer that brings together her multiple talents as a relaxation coach, astrologer and tarot reader.
This coaching has taught me how important and beautiful it is to be yourself and not get lost in all the planning. I found Elise’s coaching very sensitive and perfectly adapted to me. I really appreciated your empathy and efficiency.
After the coaching, I have more confidence in myself and a lot more knowledge about setting up my own business. I have a clear vision of what I really want to offer the market and I’ve learnt to better recognise my potential.
You’re more than a business coach. You understand what’s on our minds and you’ve got some great techniques to help us move forward again and again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Hi! I'm Elise,

From social start-up manager to holistic career and business coach 💖

After a master’s degree in corporate finance and working for 3 years as the manager of a social start-up in Berlin, I decided to quit my job. I’d learned what there was to learn and most importantly it was time to fulfil a big dream that had been tickling me for years: travelling alone. So I put my happy-busy life in Berlin on hold and headed off to Peru. For the next 6 months, I travelled around South America on my own. 

The experience changed me profoundly.

Back in Berlin, I decided to listen to that little voice inside me that was whispering to me to become a coach. I took a training course and then started my coaching business.

It wasn’t easy at first: I didn’t have any self-confidence and I was terrified that it wouldn’t work.  I wasn’t sure who I wanted to work with and I didn’t really have any offers either. I wasn’t sure what to post on instagram and I didn’t like having to sell myself.

That all changed when I started working with coaches. I worked on my self-confidence, learned to manage my fears and transformed my relationship with money and sales. I also went back to the basics of my business to develop my offers to serve my ideal clients.

Since then, I’ve dedicated my time to helping people create their ideal professional life 🚀

“Imagine yourself six months from now leading a high-performing team. You’ll share moments of success and growth, and the profound satisfaction of knowing you’re making a real difference in their careers.”