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I have been here

I myself have quit my job twice without a plan B and completely changed my career to become a self-employed coach. I know that while this phase is exciting and full of promise, it is also full of doubts and fears.

I believe that everyone can find a fulfilling and meaningful job. And I am here to guide you to find your own way!

A glimpse into our process:

  • Discover Your Path: Our journey begins with a dynamic brainstorming, designed to explore what brings you energy in life, your skills, your purpose, and your needs.
  • Strategy for Success: We will develop a roadmap to reach your goal:  Do you require further training? How to search for a job efficiently, how to activate and create a network? 
  • Practical Guidance: Together, we’ll create an impactful CV and a persuasive cover letter. Additionally, we’ll prepare you thoroughly for your forthcoming interviews including some salary negotiation best practices.
  • Emotional Support: The job search journey can stir up feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt. Whenever they arise, I’ll hold the space for you to work with them and gain confidence in yourself. 

Balancing strategy and emotional well-being

The heart of my coaching approach

I firmly believe that a solid plan and impeccable documents are pivotal in securing your next position. However, ensuring your emotional well-being and confidence is equally vital. This is why we address both the strategic and emotional dimensions, equipping you comprehensively for your journey ahead.

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Schedule a free 20-minute call where we can chat about your story, what you’re looking for, and any questions you have about my coaching services. No need to worry about committing – this call is just a chance for us to see if we’re a good fit. If it turns out I’m not the right match, I have a network of other skilled coaches I can refer you to.

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Sergio found a new position as graphic designer after 2 years of unemployment

Elise is fantastic, super friendly and professional! She always made me feel like I was in a safe place where I could make mistakes, learn and grow professionally and as a person. I particularly appreciated her relaxed way of running the sessions. I really learnt a lot.

A very formative experience.


Wenke took the first steps towards a new career in journalism

I worked with Elise for two months as I was reorienting myself. She helped me especially in how to present myself convincingly in a job interview, how to prepare efficiently for an interview, how to use and expand my network and many other things.
The coaching approach was a perfect mix between content, but also psychological parts related to the content. The approach followed a pragmatic mindfulness and I felt comfortable during our sessions


Paula found the courage to shift career and follow her artistic passion after years working in sales

I had the pleasure of working with Elise. Her kindness, relaxed and compassionate approach created a safe and supportive space, allowing me to freely express myself and explore new options. 

Her humor and lively thoughts brought a refreshing energy in this particular moment. I highly recommend this coach for anyone who needs to get back on track with more confidence and hope : )


Hi! I'm Elise,

From social start-up manager to holistic career and business coach 💖

After a master’s degree in corporate finance and working for 3 years as the manager of a social start-up in Berlin, I decided to quit my job. I’d learned what there was to learn and most importantly it was time to fulfil a big dream that had been tickling me for years: travelling alone. So I put my happy-busy life in Berlin on hold and headed off to Peru. For the next 6 months, I travelled around South America on my own. 

The experience changed me profoundly.

Back in Berlin, I decided to listen to that little voice inside me that was whispering to me to become a coach. I took a training course and then started my coaching business.

It wasn’t easy at first: I didn’t have any self-confidence and I was terrified that it wouldn’t work.  I wasn’t sure who I wanted to work with and I didn’t really have any offers either. I wasn’t sure what to post on instagram and I didn’t like having to sell myself.

That all changed when I started working with coaches. I worked on my self-confidence, learned to manage my fears and transformed my relationship with money and sales. I also went back to the basics of my business to develop my offers to serve my ideal clients.

Since then, I’ve dedicated my time to helping people create their ideal professional life 🚀

“Imagine yourself in 6 months: you’ve got a new job that you love, you can express your creativity and you’ve even got a new office bff”