Are you ready to create a fulfilling and exciting worklife?

Holistic career and founder coaching


I am Elise, holistic career and founder coach

I believe that everyone has the potential to create a fulfilling work life, and I’m here to guide you in finding your own path.

Whether you’re looking for a new job, considering a career shift, or venturing into freelancing, I’m dedicated to helping you uncover your next steps and providing guidance as you take those initial strides.

In my one-on-one coaching sessions, we’ll work together on both your strategy and your emotional well-being, as both are crucial to your professional success.

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13.05 - 17.05.2024

Join our hiking retreat and discover the magic of immersing yourself in the mountains that welcome us in our wholeness.

Career coaching

Find a job that makes you get up with a smile

Join me on a transformative journey, exploring your passions and skills, crafting a strategic roadmap and providing practical guidance for your CVs and interviews.


Founder coaching

The starting line of your freelance venture.

Join me to discover your ideal clients, define your unique offering, and explore effective marketing strategies. We’ll craft a detailed action plan and bolster your inner leadership skills.

Leadership coaching

Elevate your leadership potential

We’ll assess your strengths, set clear goals, and refine essential leadership skills, such as communication, decision-making, and team building. Prepare to inspire and lead your team to success.


Wenke took the first steps towards a new career in journalism

I worked with Elise for two months as I was reorienting myself. She helped me especially in how to present myself convincingly in a job interview, how to prepare efficiently for an interview, how to use and expand my network and many other things.

The coaching approach was a perfect mix between content, but also psychological parts related to the content. The approach followed a pragmatic mindfulness and I felt comfortable during our sessions


Sergio found a new position as graphic designer after 2 years of unemployment

Elise is fantastic, super friendly and professional! She always made me feel like I was in a safe place where I could make mistakes, learn and grow professionally and as a person. I particularly appreciated her relaxed way of running the sessions. I really learnt a lot.

A very formative experience.


Stefanie has launched her yoga courses for businesses

I wanted to clarify my business plan and design my offering realistically and personalized.

A significant lesson from this coaching was that my fears and inner obstacles will not prevent me from achieving my dream. I have also become more aware of the concrete steps to reach my goals. My project now seems possible to me.

I loved starting the sessions with meditation! During the sessions, I felt heard, and you always knew how to adapt to my needs at each session. I would wholeheartedly recommend coaching to my friends. Coaching is not just a great framework for launching one’s business, but also a wonderful journey towards one’s own empowerment.