Summit sisters

3-day Hiking retreat with 2 nights in tents

13.05 - 17.05.2024

Summit sisters

3-day Hiking retreat with 2 nights in tents

13.05 - 17.05.2024

Summit sisters

3-day Hiking retreat with 2 nights in tents

13.05 - 17.05.2024

The invitation

Discover the magic of immersing yourself in the mountains of Switzerland that welcome us in our wholeness.

(Re)connect with your body and discover its strength that carries you one step after the other.

Experience sisterhood at a new level: supporting each other, cooking together and sharing inspiring conversations as we walk.

Fall asleep in a tent in the middle of nature, after watching the stars.

A time where the simplicity of the days lets us reconnect with the present moment, finding gratitude in a morning coffee or an evening piece of chocolate.

Create space for what needs to be seen or heard during moments of inner-connection and introspection with guided meditation, movement practice, and journaling.

Learn practical hiking skills: navigate the trail, set up camp, and prepare meals.

  • A very intimate group of 8 women
  • 3 days of hiking guided by a professional mountain guide
  • 2 nights sleeping in a tent in the middle of nature
  • Collective cooking in nature
  • Intimate inner connection sessions with Elise (meditations, intuitive dance, journaling, and more!)
  • 2 nights in a hotel to prepare for and reflect on the trip
  • A detailed packing list and advice on equipment.

The journey starts on the 13th of May!

Some testimonials from other group programmes I've run:

Within the small group of open-minded and warm-hearted women I felt seen, deeply connected and supported. The programme was full of useful tools , visualisations, journaling but we also danced and laughed. Elise is a talented speaker and knows how to hold the space where you feel protected and safe. 

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to grow personally, connect to their vision and feel the power of the feminine collective. 

Today I know that I am on the right way and got so much confidence and trust in building my own business. I am full of love and energy to start the life of my dreams.


I really enjoyed how open everyone was and so honest and just real and welcomed, accepted and respected – it was exactly what I was looking for – no pushy self confidence – just love, mindfulness and trust.

The Sparks helped me to focus on my vision, find a better mindset and emotional balance, more self acceptance and appreciation and feeling safe and trusting my fire.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Elise. This worlds need more of you.


I enjoyed the good energy, as well as the way Elise guided us through the program. It was a sparkling timeframe throughout the week of dancing and celebration, sisterhood and self discovery. I felt lovingly guided and supported by Elise throughout the program.

It’s a beautiful program to help you connect to your inner fire, passion, self love and sisterhood. It is worth participating if you’re in need of positive vibes, meeting wonderful sisters and connecting to your inner sparks.

Thank you Elise, it was wonderful time and a beautiful, enriching experience


Book your spot

Max. 8 participants




On request

Deadline for registration

April 13th

Hi, I'm Elise

During my solo trip to South America, it became a dream to spend New Year’s Eve on top of a mountain in Patagonia. But I was really hesitant: I thought I had to know a lot of things and that going alone as a woman was dangerous. 

On the road, I met a man. He actually knew absolutely nothing about the mountains but it was somehow reassuring to know that I would be with a man in the mountains. However, we encountered some travel compatibility challenges. At that moment, the thought of giving up on this project felt unimaginable, so I decided to go alone anyway.

This experience deeply changed me. Alone and surrounded by this magic nature, I allowed myself for the first time to love myself unconditionally. I felt a wave of softness and peace, a feeling of walking back home to myself.

Since this trip, I regularly go trekking in the mountains. The mountains are always a space where I reconnect with myself, a space that nourishes me and allows me to pause my mind and just be. The physical effort also connects me to my strength and my body.

I have also introduced several friends and my partner to trekking and bivouacking. It is always a pleasure to share this passion and a delight to see their eyes shine while drinking their coffee with the first light of the morning.

Timeline of the journey




Meeting at the hostel in Geneva at 18:30
Preparation of backpacks
Opening evening with dinner at a restaurant & night in an hostel in Geneva


Transfer to the starting point of the hike
Hiking and activities
Overnight stay in a tent


Hiking and activities
Overnight stay in a tent


Hiking and activities
Transfer back to Geneva
Closing dinner at a restaurant & night in a hotel in Geneva


End of the stay

What’s included:

  • Mountain guide services for the 3 days of hiking.
  • Elise’s guidance and activities during the retreat.
  • Hotel nights on Monday and Thursday.
  • Meals from Monday evening to Thursday evening.
  • Round-trip transportation from Geneva to the hiking starting point.
  • We can help you organize your equipment (tent, mattress, sleeping bag, backpack).

What’s not included:

  • Transport to and from Geneva.

On this point, I encourage you to travel by train or car-sharing to protect our planet.
For Berliners: We can take the same train from Berlin to make the journey more pleasant.
For others: I can put participants from the same cities in touch with each other so that they can spend the journey together.

  • Beverages (except coffee and tea during the hike)
  • Breakfast on the last day (optional, depending on your departure time).
  • Travel insurance to cover mountain rescue in Switzerland.

Meet Elise our mountain guide
(yes we are called the same)

Drawn to the mountains since forever, I engage in various leisure activities such as cross-country skiing, mountain biking, and hike-and-fly paragliding. I love sharing hiking days where we take the time to observe, with respect for the environment and its living beings. Nature is both a source of beautiful encounters, reconnection, and self-transcendence. I am also an astronomy animator, and I integrate my two professional activities through hiking and sky observation. I will never tire of gazing at the stars or the Moon with the naked eye or binoculars, and marveling at the wonders through my telescope.


This nature retreat is designed for participants with a moderate fitness level. The hiking trails involve varying terrains, so a reasonable level of physical activity is recommended. Please feel free to reach out for more specific details.

Absolutely! This retreat is crafted to cater to individuals new to hiking or those looking to enhance their outdoor experience. Our professional mountain guide and I ensure a positive and enjoyable journey for all participants.

Certainly! This retreat is perfect for first-time campers. The experience is designed to be supportive and inclusive, with guidance on setting up camp and creating a comfortable outdoor living space. Feel free to ask any questions related to this topic before the trip.

A detailed packing list will be provided, including essentials for both hiking and camping. Be prepared for various weather conditions and ensure you have the necessary gear for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Yes, meals from Monday evening to Thursday evening are included. Participants will have the opportunity to cook together, fostering a sense of community and shared experience. Meals will be adapted to accommodate food restrictions or choices such as vegan and vegetarian. Additionally, our meals are sourced from local, organic producers.

In case of unfavorable weather conditions, our experienced mountain guide will adjust the itinerary to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Participants will receive guidance on suitable clothing and equipment to make the most of the retreat despite the weather.

This women-only hiking retreat is designed to provide a unique and empowering space for women to engage in outdoor activities. Historically, outdoor activities, including hiking, have been cis-men-dominated. By fostering a supportive community of like-minded women, this hiking retreat seeks to break free from societal expectations. It empowers women to explore, connect, and grow within an environment that encourages self-expression, genuine connections, and the reclaiming of personal space.

Simply click on the “Contact” button, and we’ll be delighted to assist you with any inquiries or concerns.

Book your spot

Max. 8 participants




On request

Deadline for registration

April 13th

CHILOE is our valued partner for this adventure!

Based in the picturesque Margeride Massif in Lozère, France, CHILOE is an association and travel operator offering authentic experiences that transcend tourism. They offer journeys that go beyond tourism, focusing on genuine connections and meaningful encounters, with a team of mountain and travel specialists leading the way from the peaks of the Pyrenees to the trails of the Massif Central. Participation in this trip implies membership in the association (membership fee of €0).